About Us

AMARA is a Sri Lankan fashion brand proudly owned, run and led by women. Since our establishment in Australia and Sri Lanka in 2023, we have been happy to serve as your go-to online clothing store.
We manufacture woven and printed plans in perfect textures from our on-site studio and devotes a lot of effort to the designs and details of each of our clothing pieces, to see clients breathe life into our pieces. Quality, craftsmanship, and innovation are the common threads that run through each and every piece of clothing we create.
Amara offers infinite models and designs, utilizing various colour schemes and distinctive patterns. Every occasion, attitude, and fashion catered to by the sophisticated and modest nature of our clothing range. By incorporating each client’s preferences into the design of every piece of clothing, AMARA provides a singular, interactive experience for each one of our customers.
“I strongly believe in the power of the right outfit, a well put together outfit gives you a confidence boost. To me, fashion is an artistic expression!  And I want every girl/ woman in the world to experience that, to wear pieces that reflect their values, feel comfortable and confident about their own body. All our pieces are modern and timeless. The ultimate goal of Amara is to provide all of our customers with the finest clothing and make it an experience rather than just another regular online store. We are excited to share our journey with you."
Thisari Senarathna